1. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS transformers: Exploitation conditions: The measuring transformers are for indoor mounting, in distribution installations MV /middle voltage/. The star center of the middle voltage network is compensated. The environment conditions are classified according to IEC 60694, as follows: a/ Maximum ambient temperature +40C. b/ Minimum ambient temperature -5C. c/ Maximum relative humidity of the air /per month/ ≤90%. d/ Maximum above sea level up to 1000 m. f/ Coefficient of seismic resistance 0,3g. Standards and norms: The current transformers must be manufactured and tested according to the requirements of the outlined and other equivalent standards, as well as all applicable standards and norms, relevant to them. a/BDS EN 61869-1:2009 Measuring transformers. Part 1: General requirements (IEC 61869-1:2007 with changes). b/IEC 61869-2:2012 Measuring transformers. Part 2: Additional requirements for current transformers. Technical requirements: The current transformers must have technical characteristics not worse than the ones, outlined in Table No.6.1.; They should have two secondary cores /according to table No.6.1./; The secondary cores must have nominal current 5A; The nominal power of the cores for measurements, should guarantee the required accuracy class; The primary connection of the CTs should be bolt for flat bus bar; The inner and outer connections of the primary and secondary windings must be displacement resistant when influenced by vibration and short circuit current; The CTs should correspond to the requirements for thermal and dynamic durability; Must have an earthing terminal /clamp/; All terminals must be marked according to the requirements of IEC; Exploitation life - more than 20 years.Special requirements: The CTs should have the option for sealing the terminal box of the secondary windings; There must be a proof for patent purity. Necessary technical documentation, presented along with the offer: The participant is obligated to present the following technical documentation; Technical data, according to Table No. 6.1.; Protocols for type tests (on CD), according to the requirements of BDS EN 61869-1:2009 and BDS EN 61869-2:2012 or equivalent, performed in a licensed laboratory; Volt-ampere characteristic in a table or graphical format; Declaration for conformity for all standards and norms, applied with the manufacturing and testing of the CTs; Original prospects /catalogues/for the offered equipment; Instruction for installation and exploitation. Minimal technical requirements.Current transformers for nominal voltage 20 kV and 2 pcs secondary windings... 2. , . 0.3% 0.7% . , , , . ; , , . , , , . , ., 501 000 , DIRANA. DIRANA OMICRON , , (DFR). DFR . , , . , . . :a/ .b/ .c/ ( . . . : ; ; ; . , . : DFR . CHL , , . DFR 50/60 Hz . , DFR 200 V 0.1 mHz 1 kHz. , , . Dilmarva DIRANA . - . 1969, 12 MVA. Delmarva 10 kV, 60 Hz , 0.84%. , DFR , . DFR , 3.7% . , . , 3% . . DFR , Delmarva , . . . , , , , . 1% 70 100 . 70, 4% 10 . , . : DFR . , DFR . Delmarva DFR . . . Delmarva , .

ЦЕРБ, Димитър Белелиев, трансформатори, транспорт на тежки товари


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ЦЕРБ разполага с голям каталог с токова арматура, клеми, заземители и изолационни шанги

ЦЕРБ разполага с голям каталог с токова арматура, клеми, заземители и изолационни шанги

ЦЕРБ предлага  токови клеми, токова арматура, заземители, изолационни щанги. 

Изработка на токова арматура (сертифицирано производство).

Нашият каталог за Токови клеми, токова арматура, заземители, изолационни щанги може да видите тук.

Освен посочените артикули в каталога, можем да произведем и други по заявка и чертеж на поръчителя.


ЦЕРБ разполага със стоманолеярна с капацитет 2500 кг. разтопена стомана.

Стоманолеярната предлага леене на всички марки въглеродни стомани (Ст25, Ст35, Ст45 и т.н.) и хром-никелова стомана. В допълнение ЦЕРБ има собствен моделен участък, т.е може да се произвеждат отливки с модели на клиента или модели произведени в собствената база. Също така, цех Механичен изработва отливки от цветни метали – бронз, месинг, силумин, чугунени и стоманени отливки.

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